Hi, my name is
Viktor Chin

About me

Viktor Chin-Kon-Sung

In daily life I like to keep up with all things about electronics. Whether you're talking about computers, networking, televisions, audio-devices, phones or camera's, hardware or software; I find it all very interesting which is why I've got some knowledge about each subject.

Technology is the common thread throughout my life. Around age ten I became increasingly interested in electronic appliances, it was around this time that I also built my first computer. In high school I had Computer science in my curriculum and after graduating I enrolled in a bachelor study Information science. I've had multiple jobs as 1st-line IT-support, used to have my own smartphone and tablet repair company Zo Gevikst (a little play on my name, loosely translates to Quickly Fixed) and when it was time for a new challenge, I founded the computer company EigenPC together with a friend. I'm also very fond of web development, more about that on the next page.

There is of course more to life than just bits and bytes. When I'm not gazing at a display you may find me hanging out with friends or outside taking a long walk. I also enjoy snapping and viewing pictures, and like many I greatly appreciate music. I mainly listen to all sub-genres of Hip-Hop and RnB but on certain days I like to play some House, Reggae, Soul or Jazz.

Besides all the things mentioned above I'm also very keen on motorised vehicles, especially cars. Ever since I was a little boy, even before my interest in electronics was sparked, I used to watch Formula 1 and programs such as Top Gear. I'd love to open my own hobby-garage in some later stage of my life so that I have a place to tinker with my own vehicles.

Web development

On the previous page I briefly addressed that I like to build websites. Over the past 2 years I've worked on about 10 projects, including this website. Web development is a perfect way for me to vent my perfectionism.

I possess knowledge of front-end as well as back-end programming languages. I prefer writing HTML and CSS, languages which I – if I may say so myself – have a thorough understanding of. Knowledge of the Bootstrap framework is of course a part of this. I classify myself mainly as a web developer, not a web designer. That means that while creating catchy designs may not be my strong suit, I do excel in realising (highly complex) layouts.
My JavaScript skillset is a bit less robust, mainly because HTML5 and CSS3 are so powerful that I don't need JavaScript often and thus I never dug deep into the methods. I do however understand the workings of the language and am able to write simple scripts (there are some in use on each of the websites I created). Lately I write more and more JavaScript to increase my proficiency in said language.
Back-end programming offers different challenges than front-end programming, which is why I do it with pleasure every now and then. I work with PHP and SQL when for example forms need to be sent, when a login system is required or when, like on this website, support for multiple languages is desired.

Below 2 (relatively simple) websites that I currently manage are highlighted, both written from scratch. I built the websites using V. Framework, a framework that I created for personal use to test myself and improve my skills.
On request, you may get an insight in the source code of other projects I worked on. One common theme across all projects is that all my work consists of high-quality code; the websites are very responsive to the touch, scale perfectly regardless of screen size and resolution, are usable for people who make use of accessibility options and are optimised for search engines. Feel free to inspect the source code :).


Could you use my help with one of your projects or would you like to get to know me better? Shoot me a message though the form below.